Total Industrial Care
Industrial Cleaning

Each day we clean tanks, silos and plant locations manually and by machine. We also do this at night in the event of incidents.

For cleaning tanks, storage silos and sewer systems we use our 8m3/2,400m3 per hour Euro-6 multi-combination cleaning vehicle. Extra hose lengths mean we can reach everywhere in a factory or carry out our work in other locations. With our multi-combination cleaning vehicle we can vacuum and remove both dry and wet residues. We also have a sump cleaning extension with which we clean sewer systems and pits.

For cleaning at high-pressure we use 200 to 1,000 bar HDS. Depending on the extent of the work, we combine this with our MC cleaning vehicle or a separate HDS unit.

Our expert and experienced employees carry out the work under the certification of SIR, SCC and HDS This is always under the supervision and instruction of our ‘Working Teamlead’.

Total Industrial Care

Total Industrial Care® involves us taking care of all your concerns relating to the practical and logistical aspects on the shop floor. The activities we carry out are mainly (trans)shipment, industrial cleaning and warehouse and supply chain processes. We specialise in services for the industry and port world.