Total Industrial Care
Loading and transhipment

We carry out the loading and transhipment of goods or products from ships, storage bunkers and silos 24/7. In so doing we make use of equipment such as a shovel, crane, telehandler, terminal truck and techniques we have developed ourselves. We take samples depending on the goods or products, we take care of administrative finalisation and ensure good communication with the transporter to have the logistical process take place optimally. Our specialist employees with SCC certification do the work under the supervision of our Working Teamlead.

We can supply customer-specific work and efficiency thanks to techniques and a procedure we have developed ourselves. Tim – Working Teamlead

Total Industrial Care

Total Industrial Care® involves us taking care of all your concerns relating to the practical and logistical aspects on the shop floor. The activities we carry out are mainly (trans)shipment, industrial cleaning and warehouse and supply chain processes. We specialise in services for the industry and port world.