Total Waste Care

Total Waste Care® is the waste management system with which we offer total care in the waste and environmental sectors. Since 2014 we have worked on the implementation of a concept for efficiently emptying small containers on location. We do this by means of bottom discharge containers and a fork-lift truck with fork adjuster. This concept is highly suitable for locations in residential areas where account must be taken of transport movements. We can efficiently carry out our work while reducing costs in combination with our Total Industrial Care®. This makes us unique in our sector!

With our new Total Waste Care® concept we can:

  • Provide customer-specific work
  • Reduce transport movements
  • Reduce costs
  • Work safely
Ben Mol- afvalzorg
Total Waste Care
Waste collection

With our own concept we are the only concern in our sector that collects waste and residual flows in an efficient manner and hence reduces costs and transport movements. We collect waste using industrial steel waste containers. After we have collected the waste we unload the container at the bottom into a skip or pressure container. We do this using a fork-lift truck with fork adjuster. In so doing we reduce transport movements and ensure that containers are quickly and efficiently emptied.

The procedure that we have developed ourselves is much safer and more environmentally-friendly than waste collection with the familiar tipping/rolling container. Combing the forces of our Total Industrial Care® system means we can carry out our activities with great efficiency.

Containers for separation and disposal
We not only collect waste and residual flows, we also dispose of them. We also take care of all administration including monthly and annual reports, and we can provide the customer with guidance for audits. We have three types of containers: skip containers, bottom discharge containers and wheelie bins and organic waste containers.