Who we are

We are the ultimate full-service specialist in the port and industrial sector. Our areas of expertise are: loading, transhipment, industrial cleaning, waste management and various other industrial activities. We are a committed partner and work closely together with our customers.

We can carry out customer-specific work thanks to our hands-on mentality and expertise in the industrial sector. We also know exactly how we can make assignments and processes more sustainable to then carry them out as efficiently as possible.

Our aim

We want to be a stable partner and offer continuity to our customers in the port and industrial sector. To be able to assure continuity and our core values we do not want to be the biggest, we want to be the best!

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Core values
What we stand for

We believe it is important to be a partner committed to our customers. We work with the customer on coming up with the best solutions and are pleased to share our ideas. We feel closely involved. We are a reliable partner and strive for a long-term customer relationship. We do this with a team of over 40 versatile employees. Each employee has a diversity of experience and training. As a result, you as a customer are always assured of contact with an experienced employee.

We work in various fields in the industrial and port sector so we can combine our activities. Besides being a practical advantage we can then also save costs. Our hands-on mentality and extensive knowledge and experience assist in finding an efficient solution. We also make use of techniques that we have developed ourselves. Obviously we know how to use these techniques with the greatest efficiency like no other.

Thanks to our extensive practical experience we can offer activities tailored to your needs. We also point out potential improvements on the shop floor with our committed attitude. We then present these improvements to you as a customer. We enjoy working with you on securing improvements and customer-specific solutions.

Core values
How do we get down to work

Twint B.V. N.V. is SCC** certified. We work according to the SCC** standards and the specific instructions given by our customers. Safety is our top priority. This is why our employees follow safety toolboxes and courses. These cover the principles of working in a safe working climate. They have an SIR and SCC certificate and/or dispose of supplementary trade-specific qualifications. At the locations where we work we always follow our own safety instructions, while we also comply by default with the safety instructions at the relative location.

Twint has wide experience in the port and industrial sector. We understand:

  1. How important it is that production or a process does not come to a stop;
  2. That flexibility must be used with the use of machines and personnel;
  3. That the work continues day and night depending on the requirements of production, the process and planning.

Thanks to our proactive attitude and experience we can avoid problems and incidents in good time or flag or resolve them. We do everything to relieve the customer of all concerns.

With Twint are you assured of short communication lines. You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also during holiday periods and public holidays. As a customer you always have one set contact person with knowledge of the practical side.

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