Nieuwe Corona maatregel

New measure guarantees employee safety

The coronavirus is a burden on everyone. At Twint we have also been continually faced by a changing society and the associated adaptations and rules. We have taken a new measure to make a contribution to achieving a safe working environment.

Measure taken
Our employees must wear a face mask for a large part of the work time. We attach great importance to the health of our employees. This is why Twint has supplied face masks to its employees. Obviously we hope to soon be able to get back to the ‘old normal’!

Core values
At Twint we consider a safe working environment to be of great importance. This is not one of our core values for nothing. Besides providing mouth masks, the equipment of the average employee at Twint consists of many more components. Curious about what further protection and safety equipment we also provide? Read about it under ‘employee safety ’ on the ‘Working-at page’.

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